I find myself back home, the L.A. weather is not disappointing with a solid 52° degree sunny and cloudy day. In the beginning of 2020, I certainly did not envision myself writing a blog but here I am. Life always has a funny way of throwing pleasantly surprising opportunities your way. I’m here to share “mo’s california/la lifestyle” on this blog but the focus point will not be a specific individual or concept. However, the purpose I’ll be striving to represent with this blog is the candid forever free essences of CA’s inhabitants.

Currently, the state of CA is lockdown due to covid-19. To say the least 2020 has been annoying year for most; however, a couple months into this ordeal we have adjusted fairly quickly to the post covid-19 world. Therefore, this blog’s journey will start with California trying to overcome the pandemic and make it safely out of 2020. Oddly enough, despite these very uncharacteristic circumstances, L.A. feels nice one of my friends mentioned, “LA feels like the 90s again” in reference to all the people who decided to skip town once corona pulled into town. Not for nothing the people who left are the real heroes. Since I’ve been back, I can get to the anywhere in town in 30 minutes or less.

I’ve been slowly assimilating back into L.A. life while abiding by California’s new stay at home orders. I still do pop outside occasionally for a run, hike, or to hit the beach from time to time. As the year winds down in a couple days. Despite all the challenges this year brought I believe this year forced everyone to realign their relationship with themselves and adjust their perspective towards society. Moving forward, I feel the shift in our relationship with ourselves and change in perspective with society is a plus for humans if our intensions are to be around in the future.

Speaking of the future, we do not know what it holds but I am optimistic better days are ahead. Same with this blog, better days are ahead lol; bear with me while I get the hang of this thing.

 Wishing you all the peace, love, and all that good stuff.

Stay classy,




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